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Thirty five weeks into this pregnancy and with the weight piling on, fat is probably the last word I want to hear right now! But, what is nice to hear is this…pregnancy is not a time to skimp on eating healthy fats.

I’m sure you’ve heard some fats are better than others, so which fats do you need during pregnancy? Omega-3’s! They're considered essential fats because you have to acquire them from food or supplements. Your body won’t make them or anything fancy like that.  

DHA and Your Developing Baby

Known in the science world as Docosahexaenoic Acid, DHA is especially important during pregnancy because it's absolutely vital for your unborn baby’s brain and eye development, nervous system, and immune system (1, 2, 3). Along with benefits to baby, a pregnant mom consuming omega-3’s reduces her risk of pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, and possibly post-partum

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I've always struggled with bad breath.  Could a tongue scraper help?


Tongue scrapers, which are available in most drugstores in various shapes and sizes, have been touted as a way to reduce or eliminate bad breath (halitosis).  You put the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue and bring it forward along your tongue, repeating as often as needed.

Research on the effectiveness of tongue scrapers is limited.  What has been published so far describes tongue scraping as temporarily effective for bad breath,'

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I’m pregnant with baby #2! Luckily, I was already taking a prenatal supplement because I didn't know I was pregnant for a good six weeks. Oops! Since nutrition is obviously a top priority, choosing a prenatal supplement took some time. The requirements for calcium, iron, iodine, vitamin B6 and folic acid increase when pregnant. 

There are so many prenatals on the market, how do you go about choosing a quality one with everything you need? One huge criteria for me was finding a prenatal with only the most active or absorbable form of the nutrients. For example, look for folic acid as 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate or folinic acid, vitamin B6 as Pyridoxal 5’-Phosphate, and vitamin B12'

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Mood Boosting Foods

1/3/2013 11:57 AM

Those winter blues setting in? 

Are any foods natural mood boosters?  Yes!  

Try eating like a Spaniard, an Italian or a Greek.  In a study of more than 11,000 people, those who stuck to a Mediterranean diet scored higher on markers of mental health than their counterparts who ate a more Western diet (1).  How to eat the Mediterranean way?  Pack your diet with fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and whole grains.  Use olive oil instead of saturated fats like butter.  Eat fish more frequently than red meat, and for all you wine lovers, drinking about 1 cup of red wine daily is also a perk of the Mediterranean diet. 

Though researchers couldn’t pinpoint what exactly about the diet boosted participant’s mental health they suspect omega-3 fats (found in oily fish), B vitamins and folate Read More

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Introducing Myself

1/3/2013 10:34 AM

Hi friends, I’m Kelly Harrington!  Welcome to the Healthy Goods blog.  I hope you find lots of useful and interesting nutrition and supplement information here.  My aim is to provide you with no-nonsense nutrition information that’s easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and easy to put into practice.

On the Healthy Goods blog you'll read cool information about:

  • utilizing food and specific nutrients to support health concerns
  • how to get the most out of your supplements
  • hot nutrition topics

Over the next few months, you may notice a trend in the blog topics as my life is about to become very crazy with baby boy #2 due in March, alongside my 17 month old son!  Yikes!  With that said, the past two years of my life have been consumed by pregnancy, breastfeeding, caring for an infant, and now back to more life as a pregnant person and mom.  When I found out I was pregnant with my first'

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