Cranberry-Pom Smoothie Bowl

January 17,2017

The phytochemicals found in cranberries and pomegranates keep your heart healthy, in part by triggering the production of blood pressure-lowering nitric oxide, which inhibits arterial plaque buildup. Meanwhile,....

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Hemp Hearts: Good & Good For You

January 13,2017

Are you looking for a superfood that tastes great, is high in vitamins and nutrients, and can fit into a vegan, vegetarian, or raw food diet? Don't look any further! Hemp has dozens, if not hundreds, of us....

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Fight Inflammation Naturally With These 5 Foods

January 10,2017

Even if you don't suspect your body has much inflammation happening internally, it probably does -- unfortunately! Inflammation is the amount of stress in a person's body that will sooner or later cause a genet....

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How to Clean Your Wood Floors Naturally!

January 06,2017

If your hardwood floors are in need of a shine, try this simple and pure recipe that leaves nothing behind.Cleaning your home should leave it cleaner, right?Unfortunately, many conventional cleaning products ac....

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Maximize Your HIIT Workout!

January 03,2017

Maximize your HIIT workouts!Machine Sprintervals + Dumbbell Sculptors = Total Body BurnApproach your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a cardio-machine workout AND a speedy weight circuit. This will tr....

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Overnight Pumpkin Chia Pudding

December 27,2016

Want to start a smart habit? Incorporate pumpkin on a regular basis! Yep, it's PACKED with vitamin A (double the daily recommendation), which is important for good vision, especially in dim light. The beta-caro....

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