Bioplasma – A Combination of all 12 Cell Salts

August 15,2017

Homeopathic cell salts, also called tissue salts, are made from the twelve minerals found in human tissue. These twelve minerals work at the cellular level and are essential to your body’s functions. Form....

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Strawberry and Banana Baobab Smoothie Bowl

August 11,2017

A hot new trend...baobab. Native to tropical regions in Africa, the baobab tree is anything but new. This vitamin and mineral-rich tree produces fruits that have been harvested by African tribes for centuries f....

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Strategies To Keep Your Mind Strong and Sharp – Protect Against Alzheimer’s

August 08,2017

One of the saddest diseases to watch a loved one go through is Alzheimer's Disease. I certainly want to avoid it at all costs! Here are four Alzheimer’s Triggers that can harm to your brain AND scientific....

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The 2017 Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen Guide to Pesticides in Produce

August 07,2017

This week the Environmental Working Group released it's 2017 Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce, commonly known as the "Dirty Dozen" list. The Guide is an annual rating of 48 commonly purchased fruits and ....

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Alternative Medicine For Your Pet

August 04,2017

If you love alternative medicine, why can't your pet get a little love too? Here are three types of complimentary therapy and what they can really do for your furry friend.AcupunctureThere are very few side eff....

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13 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

August 01,2017

Break out the bubbly—this household staple (usually sold as a 3% concentration and used further diluted in water) has many uses around the home. You might be surprised to learn hydrogen peroxide is not re....

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