Grains, Allergies and Infant Feeding

July 22,2014

Let's talk gluten, grains, and allergies for infants who are ready to eat solid food. When my youngest son turned 6 months old and was ready to start solid food, I wondered about grains (bread, pasta, cereal, e....

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New Recommendations for Introducing Complementary Foods for Prevention of Allergies in Children

January 14,2014

As a mom of a baby boy who recently started complementary foods, aka: “solids,” these new findings are really exciting! Released in January 2013, the recommendations were written after finding ....

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11 Health Benefits of Spirulina

November 22,2013

The Aztecs discovered spirulina, a type of blue-green algae, thousands of years ago and soon made it a staple in their diet. Now days, spirulina is considered a “superfood.” The bright green color o....

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How To Use a Neti Pot

October 22,2013

A stuffed-up nose is so annoying, especially when you’re trying to sleep! If you’re in need of a natural solution, consider trying nasal irrigation, or Neti. It’s an ancient tradition gaining ....

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Air Purifiers for Healthy, Happy Homes

October 04,2013

I’m a sucker for a good store demo!  As a result, about one year ago my husband and I purchased an air purifier for our house…actually, two air purifiers.  One for upstairs and one for do....

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Coping With Your Child’s Food Allergies Away From Home - Part 3

August 02,2013

This is a follow-up to two previous postings:  Coping with Food Allergies – Part 1 andCoping with Food Allergies & Picky Eaters - Part 2.Once you have your home life squared away, what happens wh....

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