Nourish Your Joints

September 13,2013

The mountains will be covered with snow before we know it and as a skier, this is something I'm really looking forward to. On the flip side, something I'm not looking forward to and would li....

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Naturally Ease Joint Pain

September 12,2013

Joints are amazing. Right now, no matter what you are doing, your joints are helping you to move, bend, or flex. Sitting down? Your knee joints are most likely bent. Typing at a computer? Your elbow, wrist, and....

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How To Use Capsaicin for Joint Pain

September 10,2013

Cayenne is not just a hot and spicy chili pepper!  Did you know?  The cayenne pepper is used medicinally for a variety of different pain-related health conditions.  All chili peppers contain caps....

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5 Foods to Naturally Fight Inflammation

September 06,2013

It's fairly common to experience some type of inflammation in some part of your body on a fairly regular basis, even if you don't realize it, such as what happens during exercise. As it turns out, there are som....

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Supplements 101: What is SAMe?

August 27,2013

Osteoarthritis, Liver Cirrhosis, Depression…what do they all have in common??  It would seem, not much, but surprisingly there is something and it’s called S-Adenosyl Methionine, also known as....

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Turmeric – The Spice for a Healthy Life

November 05,2012

Have you heard the news? Turmeric is a noteworthy spice you’ll want to include regularly in your diet. Turmeric is the bright, golden-colored spice prominently used in Indian curry dishes. While....

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