Nutrition To Heal A Stress Fracture

March 31,2014

My senior year in college, I was unable to compete in our conference finals track meet due to an injury, and what I would later find out was a stress fracture—my second one in four years. It doesn’t....

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Daylight Savings Time, Vitamin D, and Your Health. Any Connection?

November 05,2013

I have mixed feelings about Fall’s time change—both great and glum. What’s great? Having a 25 hour day. What’s glum? Short days with too much darkness!! And with all this darkness, it le....

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Power Protein Dessert Shake

August 13,2013

Packed with protein, but delicious like a dessert, this protein shake is a great way to either start your day or include as a mid-afternoon snack.  It would also be an effective post-workout, rec....

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Growing Strong Bones during Pregnancy

January 25,2013

What's up with my strong cravings for all things dairy right now?? Well, I did some investigating and check this out:Did you know, the amount of calcium your intestines absorb during pregnancy doubles....

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The Lowdown on Prenatal Supplements

January 14,2013

I’m pregnant with baby #2, due in March! For the past 8 months, I’ve been devoted to giving this baby the best start to life.Let’s talk Prenatal Supplements:It all starts with a quality p....

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January 01,1970


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