New Wave Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless Water Bottle is toxic-free #304 medical-grade stainless steel. Features a heavy duty black nylon strap and clip to attach to your backpack, belt loop or gym bag. Stainless steel lined screw-on loop cap for a 100% stainless steel interior. 40 oz (1.2L) capacity.

  • New wave enviro seriously safe stainless water bottle 40oz w strap

New Wave Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless Water Bottle, 40 oz w/Strap

New Wave Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless Water Bottle is toxic-free #304 medical-grade stainless steel. Features a heavy duty black nylon strap and clip to attach to your backpack, belt loop or gym bag. Stainless steel lined screw-on loop cap for a 100% stainless steel interior. 40 oz (1.2L) capacity.

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New Wave Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless Water Bottle with Strap, 40 oz/1.2 Liter 

New Wave Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless Water Bottles are made from #304 medical-grade stainless steel that is chemical-free and toxic-free. Even the loop cap is lined in stainless steel! Keeps water and liquids fresh and clean tasting. 

Comes with a heavy duty black nylon strap with a clip to easily attach to a backpack, belt loop or gym bag. Great bottle to take along hiking, to the gym, to sit on the work bench or for a full day at work or school. Stainless steel lined screw-on loop cap for a 100% stainless steel interior. 

40 oz (1.2L) capacity.

Dimensions: 3-3/8” diameter x 11” tall

About New Wave Enviro, the company

Who is New Wave Enviro?

New Wave is a family owned company, providing environmentally friendly products since 1993. Their complete line of Enviro Filters, Seriously Safe Stainless Steel Bottles, BpA Free Enviro Bottles, and Litter Free Lunch Products help to improve the quality of life while creating earth-friendly alternatives.

How does New Wave Enviro promote Green Living?

Founded by the need to contribute to green living and sustainable earth friendly products, New Wave Enviro offers practical individual solutions to health and environmental issues facing us today.

New Wave Envrio addresses and solves two critical problems:

Chlorine is used in municipal water supplies to deliver water to our homes, free of microscopic contaminants. However, it serves no useful purpose on or in our bodies. New Wave Enviro designs, patents and manufactures environmentally friendly filters that remove harmful chlorine and other contaminants from shower, bath, and everyday drinking water.

Plastic litter is filling up America's landfills at an alarming rate. Most plastic drinking water bottles are designed for one-time use and then thrown away. Every cheaply made disposable bottle produced uses up oil (which is non-renewable) and sends money out of America into foreign oil producers' pockets. Enviro Products addresses this issue by producing only BpA Free bottles that can be used again and again.

Where have we been featured?

We are proud that our products have been spotlighted on a substantial number of TV and radio shows and print and e-publications. In the last year alone our products have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Energy Times, Today’s Health & Wellness, Natural Awakenings, Ms. Fitness, Natural Food Network, Women’s Health & Fitness, Dayspa and TV Guide. Websites including: Fast,, and Radio shows such as: A Girl Named Guy, The Frankie Boyer Show, Smart Spaces Inside and Out, and Health Talk. Bestselling Authors such as: Dr. Jordan Rubin and Dr David Williams’ Alternatives Newsletter. Other forms of media such as: The Tyra Banks Show and many prominent Mommy and Eco blogs across the world.

Why Seriously Safe Stainless® Water Bottles?

Stainless steel water bottles are one of the safest and most eco-friendly ways to keep hydrated. New Wave Enviro's Seriously Safe Stainless® Steel Water Bottles are Lead and Phthalate free and might be the last water bottle you'll ever have to purchase! #304 Food Grade Stainless Steel is light-weight, durable and makes a statement that "I want to make a difference in the environment", and "I will no longer be a part of wasting valuable fossil fuels with one-use plastic water bottles”. #304 Food Grade Stainless Steel is one of the most hygienic materials available, the same material often used in high quality surgical and kitchen equipment.

The 1 Liter Stainless Steel Water Bottles come in 3 striking tones: Natural, Blue, and Turquoise. Perfect for on the go, 600ml Tinted Stainless Steel Water Bottles come in a variety of vivid colors: Matte (black), Natural, Berry, and Blue, all complimented with a natural brushed finish. Our 600ml Designer Stainless Steel Water Bottles come in 4 great designs: Nature (Panda), Geometric, Floral, Graphic, and Yoga. Show your support with US Ski Team and US Snowboarding Team Stainless Steel Water Bottles. The US Ski and Snowboard Team Bottles come in 40 oz and 600ml sizes. The 40oz Stainless Steel Bottle also comes in a natural brushed finish and is perfect for active individuals. It has a durable black nylon strap with a clip and screw in stainless steel cap with a wide mouth for ease of use.

Why BpA Free (Reusable Plastic) Enviro Bottles?

Since its inception, New Wave has focused on products that are reusable, thereby reducing plastic landfill waste. Only 1 in 5 single-use plastic bottles are recycled and the amount of petroleum used in manufacturing single-use plastic bottles could power 100,000 cars every year! We are proud to be one of the first companies to address this pressing issue. Many plastic bottles are made of polycarbonate which contains BpA and BpA is a known endocrine disruptor. New Wave offers a complete line of safe reusable BpA-Free plastic bottles. Enviro Products and you… together we can have a positive impact on the world in which we live!

What makes Enviro Products BpA-free bottles a great option for your health and the environment?

• BpA-Free, Phthalate-Free, and Lead-Free.

• Reusable for years and years to come.

• CPSIA tested safe/compliant.

• A size for every need you have: in lunch boxes, on the go, at the gym, for water storage, etc.

Why filter your water?

Did you know that the Clean Water Act of 1972 was more about decontaminating our lakes, rivers and other bodies of water from industrial pollution than providing clean drinking water to our homes? The Act did, however, lead to the development of how municipalities treat the water that is delivered to our homes.

The basics of municipal water treatment are as follows:

• Filtering through screens to remove large sediment and debris. This leaves suspended particles and dissolved substances in the water.

• Gravity filtration – this means they let the water sit still until sediment drops to the bottom. Then the sediment is removed through various means. However, this still leaves dissolved substances and small suspended particles in the water.

• Then the water is disinfected with chlorine. There are also other various treatments that are done on this level in different municipalities, but they all add chlorine.

All of this sounds pretty good, right? Well, there are a couple of catches. Herbicides, pesticides, trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, radioactive compounds and so many more contaminants are still in that water. Also, there is very little regulation about what that water encounters in the pipes on the way from the treatment facility to your home; very old pipes contain lead or have rusted. Workers have regularly encountered dead rodents and one community even found snakes in their pipes! Yum! Can I get you a glass of water? But this is only part of the problem.

Were you aware that chlorine was used extensively in WWI as a chemical warfare agent? Remember, too, what bleach is…. Chlorine! Do you still want that tall glass of water unfiltered?

As you might imagine, adding chemicals to the water for disinfecting is quite controversial. Adding chemicals may kill off the contaminants that will most likely lead to a sudden illness, but chemicals can have seriously harmful side effects over time.

Learn how Enviro Products can help you live Chlorine-Free with their full line of drinking, shower and bath filters.

New Wave Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless Water Bottle, 40 oz w/Strap
Manufacturer: Discontinued

Item number: NWE007

GTIN: 796515820027

Refrigeration Required: No


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