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Nova Scotia Fisherman Apple Cider Soap, 4.8 oz

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Nova Scotia Fisherman Apple Cider Soap will leave you feeling like you just spent a fall afternoon in a Nova Scotian apple orchard. A 100% natural, hand poured and cold-processed soap made from olive, palm, coconut and castor oils, plus organic shea butter for extra moisture and a satiny feel. Paraben-free, vegan. All natural apple-cider scent. 4.8 oz (136g)

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Nova Scotia Fisherman Apple Cider Soap

Nova Scotia Fisherman Apple Cider Soap is handmade using premium ingredients. Lather up with the delightful natural scent of a crisp fall day spent in a Nova Scotian apple orchard. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman hand poured soaps are 100% natural, and made from olive, palm coconut, and organic castor oils using the time honored "cold process method". Reduced water content delivers a harder, longer lasting, and more concentrated bar. Added organic shea butter leaves skin feeling silky soft and satiny smooth. Only premium ingredients go into every handmade bar of Nova Scotia Fisherman soap.

Infused with powerful Nova Scotia Sea Kelp

Sea Kelp is a natural detoxifier that acts as a barrier against toxins. Sea kelp has cell regenerating and antioxidant properties that help with skin elasticity and wrinkles. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman uses sea kelp sustainably harvested from the icy waters of the Bay of Fundy. This sea kelp, known as bladderwrack, gets its nutrition from the 100 billion tons of seawater that flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy every day.

Nova Scotia Fisherman - Xtreme Skin Care

Nova Scotia Fishermen know, extreme conditions can wreck extreme damage to your largest organ - your skin. Sail into rejuvenated skin with Xtreme skin care products, made from the best all natural ingredients available in the beautiful Annapolis Valley: land of orchards, vineyards, and tides. Nova Scotia sea kelp is a rich source of beneficial magnesium, protein, fucoidan, retinol and derivatives (vitamin A) that improves skin elasticity and softness.

No animal testing, no petroleum based ingredients, and paraben-free.

Each bar of Nova Scotia Fisherman soap is generous and long lasting. The perfect gift, for yourself or for your favorite fisherman or fisherwoman.

4.8 oz (136g) 

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4.8 oz (136g)
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Nova Scotia Fisherman
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