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  1. Mercola Complete Probiotics for Women, 60ct
    Mercola Complete Probiotics for Women, 60ct
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  2. Nordic Naturals Nordic Flora Probiotic Pixies, 30ct
    Nordic Naturals Nordic Flora Probiotic Pixies, 30ct
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Probiotic Supplements for Digestive Support

The digestive system is home to over 500 types of bacteria that help keep the intestines healthy, aid in digestion, and support the immune system. When the balance of internal bacteria is disrupted, we can suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, and yeast, fungal, and bacterial infections.

We offer a number of potent probiotic supplements and foods/ beverages containing these beneficial bacteria to help you restore balance to your intestinal flora, and prebiotic supplements to further increase the potency of these beneficial bacteria.

Our selection of probiotics is carefully chosen for potency, purity, and survivability.

Probiotics are very sensitive to heat, and during warm summer months or when shipping across warm regions, we recommend adding ice packs and/ or expedited shipping to your order to ensure your probiotics arrive in their full potent forms. 

Animal digestive systems have copious numbers of bacteria to help digest food. For example, canines or dogs are able to eat food that humans were normally not be able to eat thanks to their heritage from wolves who are able to digest raw meat. we as humans are in fact capable of digesting multiple types of foods as well, thanks to the hundreds of types of bacteria which live in our gut. Not only do these bacteria help in digesting food, but they also help with eliminating immunodeficiency problems. When the balance of fungus, yeast, and bacteria in our system is off-kilter, we tend to suffer from intestinal problems.

One remedy for this is to take a probiotic supplements. Though heat-sensitive, probiotic supplements are vital in maintaining homeostasis throughout the body. The term “probiotic supplements” was coined in 1980 by Nobel Prize winner Elie Metchnikoff, who theorized that paupers in Bulgaria were actually living longer due to their heavily yogurt-based diets.

Probiotic supplements have many benefits which include reducing the risk of catching a cold, preventing constipation, and certainly regulating the immune system. Like any supplement, probiotic supplements should be taken in moderation and daily consumption quantities should ideally be discussed beforehand with a certified nutritionist or doctor; Most people stand to greatly benefit from the addition of probiotic supplements in their daily regiment.

Probiotic supplements are also extremely helpful tools in resetting gastrointestinal clocks to adhere to whatever food that you want in your system. For example, if you’ve been eating poorly and wish to feel healthier and have more energy then adding probiotic cultures into a plant-based smoothie will actually amplify the effects of the smoothie and help to tell you body that it needs to reinforce the food that is being introduced along with it. This ultimately serves to reset the digestive system away from the processed foods and steer it towards the healthy supplements.

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