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  1. Whole Formulas Liquid Iron, 4 oz.
    Whole Formulas Liquid Iron, 4 fl oz
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  2. Live Superfoods Spirulina Powder, 12 oz
    Live Superfoods Spirulina Powder, Organic, 12 oz
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  3. Body ecology super spirulina plus 150g
    Body Ecology Super Spirulina Plus, 5.29 oz
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  4. Dragon Herbs Longan Fruit, 8 oz
    Dragon Herbs Longan Fruit, 6 oz
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  5. Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu, 450mg, 100 count
    Dragon Herbs He Shou Wu, 450mg, 100 count
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Iron Mineral Supplements

Many to-be moms are low on iron. While pregnant you need about twice the amount of iron as you did before you were expecting. Your body uses this iron to create blood for your baby. About 50% of all pregnant women do not get enough of this important mineral. Iron mineral supplements will help eliminate the issues caused by low iron count in pregnant mothers.

Your body will use iron to make extra blood called hemoglobin for you and your baby during your pregnancy. It helps move oxygen from your lungs to your baby's body. This is why taking iron mineral supplements is so important.

Lack of iron during pregnancy reduces red blood cells which makes you tired. This is better known as anemia. Typically babies with mothers having anemia are too small and too early. Taking iron mineral supplements will solve this problem.

Pregnant mothers should start taking low dose iron mineral supplements by your first prenatal appointment. Do not wait to start your supplements. Begin immediately. The CDC recommends at least 30mg of iron per day during pregnancy. Continue to take iron mineral supplements while breastfeeding. Moms 19 and older need 9mg. Moms 18 and younger need 10mg.

There are two types of iron in foods: heme, and nonheme. Your body absorbs heme iron best. It comes from beef, chicken, turkey and pork. Nonheme iron comes from beans, spinach, tofu, and some cereals. If you are not eating enough iron naturally, iron mineral supplements should be taken throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Taking iron mineral supplements has all benefits and not taking them has all downfalls. You have nothing to loose by taking them during your pregnancy and breastfeeding months. Iron mineral supplements will benefit both you and your baby!

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