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Vitamin K

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  1. Mercola Vitamin K-2, 30ct
    Mercola Vitamin K-2, 30ct
    Price: $34.99 Special Price $27.97
  2. Dr. Mercola Calcium Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D, 60ct
    Dr. Mercola Calcium Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D3, 30ct
    Price: $39.95 Special Price $31.97
  3. Dr. Mercola Vitamins D and K, 30ct
    Dr. Mercola Vitamins D3 and K2, 30ct
    Price: $37.49 Special Price $29.97
  4. Garden of life vitamin code raw k complex 60ct
    Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW K-Complex, 60 count
    Price: $30.99 Special Price $21.69
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Vitamin K Supplements

There are many types of vitamin K supplements. You will likely want to acquire a natural supplement. Some companies that make natural vitamin K supplements include Mercola, Seeking Health and Biogenesis. Dr. Mercola's vitamin K supplements are made from natural ingredients like chickpeas.

There are many benefits related to consuming adequate amounts of vitamin K. Vitamin K consumption is linked to improved heart health. Vitamin K can reduce the potential effects of atherosclerosis by removing some of the minerals that build up within the arteries. Vitamin K2 activates certain proteins that pull calcium into the bones. Calcium buildup in the arteries may cause high blood pressure and heart attack. Those that consume this vitamin also have lower rates of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Vitamin K may even improve cognitive function in older adults. This vitamin also regulates blood clotting. Blood clots are associated with many different conditions like stroke and peripheral artery disease. Vitamins D and K are often sold as a pair. This is because both vitamins play an important role in calcium metabolism. Studies have proven that vitamin D and K are beneficial for both cardiovascular and muscular systems. One study found that vitamin K reduced risk of all-cause mortality by 36%. Vitamin K has also been shown to reduce overall risk of cancer by 46%. It is obvious that everyone should be getting adequate amounts of this vital nutrient.

Vitamin K is found in certain foods, but it is better to take it in supplement form because a deficiency can create serious health problems. Companies like Garden of Life offer vitamin K supplements that are made completely from raw organic ingredients. Most vitamin K capsules are either vegan or vegetarian. Ideal vitamin K supplements should offer at least 130 micrograms of vitamin K.

You can improve the efficiency of vitamin K within the body by consuming organic vitamin K. The best vitamin K supplements will contain vitamin K2 or a complex of K vitamins. Some multivitamins may also contain vitamin K. All supplement labels should list the K vitamins that are included in each capsule. Taking vitamin K supplements is important, but it is equally important that you buy supplements from a reputable brand.

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