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Pure Encapsulations 7-KETO DHEA, 100mg, 120 count

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Pure Encapsulations 7-KETO DHEA is a versatile DHEA metabolite providing metabolic, immune and memory support without converting to testosterone or estrogen hormones. Supports a healthy body mass index. 100 mg, 120 count

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Pure Encapsulations 7-KETO DHEA, 100mg, 120 count

Pure Encapsulations 7-KETO DHEA is a safe and natural metabolite of DHEA. 7-KETO does not convert to testosterone or estrogen and supports various physiological processes. 7-KETO DHEA is also known as DHEA-Acetate-7-one or 3-acetoxy-androst-5-ene-7, 17-dione.

7-KETO stimulates the thermogenic enzymes of the liver, promotes basal metabolism and helps to increase the lean/adipose ratio. These actions safely support a leaner BMI (Body Mass Index) and healthy weight control.

100mg, 120 count

Label Information


Other Ingredients
hypo-allergenic plant fiber added to complete capsule volume requirement
Suggested use
1-2 capsules per day, in divided doses, with meals.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged. If you have a bad reaction to product discontinue use immediately. When using nutritional supplements, please inform your physician if your are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating.
Serving size
1 capsule
Servings per package
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Pure Encapsulations
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