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Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus, 90 count

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Pure Planet Red Marine Algae Plus is one of the most beneficial ocean vegetables with potent immune supporting and anti-viral properties. Combined with organic spirulina, this is a true superfood containing polysaccharide carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids. Supplies all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. 90 vegetarian capsules - 22 servings

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Red Marine Algae Plus

In the 1970's, scientists cataloged the ocean's plant life and discovered many amazing compounds unique to aquatic life. One of the most beneficial ocean vegetables is red marine algae, which has caught the attention of the modern scientific community for its immune-supporting and anti-viral properties. Pure Planet's Red Marine Algae Plus is a combination of both Gigartina and Dumontacea, the two rare strains found by science to be the most actively potent immune support for virus sufferers.

Blended with Organic Spirulina in a convenient pre-measured dose vegetarian capsule, Pure Planet's Red Marine Algae Plus is a superfood containing essential amino acids, polysaccharide carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed for optimal energy.

Red Marine Algae Plus contains an impressive list of critical nutrients, including: sodium, potassium, vitamin A, riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), folic acid, magnesium, magnesium, manganese, thiamine (B1), chromium, vitamin B12, calcium, iodine, boron, molybdenum, biotin, iron, phosphorus, and selenium.

  • • Assists the body's immune response
  • • Natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties
  • • Combined with Organic Spirulina


Celtic people have gathered red algaes for centuries, and red algae has also been revered in Asian societies in writings going back more than 2000 years. Intensive research on algae as an anti-viral agent began in the mid 1970's when sea plants were being cataloged for any pharmacological agents they may have contained. Many families of red pigmented algae showed promise in anti-herpatic activity and scientists began to focus on two strains that seemed to be the most effective. These were called Dumontiaceae and Gigartina.

The powers of ocean vegetables have been sought for thousands of years for their ability to enhance health. Ocean vegetables contain ten to twenty times the minerals of land plants, and an abundance of vitamins and other elements that support proper metabolism. Nutrient-rich red algae has a distinct benefit to the body's immune system response.

90 vegetarian capsules - 22 servings

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Package size
90 Vegetarian capsules
Serving size
4 Capsules (2g)
Servings per package
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Pure Planet
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