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D-Ribose is found in all living cells. It plays a key role in the health of your heart muscle. Significant reduction in muscle pain and muscle stiffness may be achieved by taking 1 scoop of D-Ribose once to three times a day. 10.58 oz/ 300 g

41 reviews
  • Seeking health d ribose powder 300g

Seeking Health D-Ribose Powder, 300g

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D-Ribose is found in all living cells. It plays a key role in the health of your heart muscle. Significant reduction in muscle pain and muscle stiffness may be achieved by taking 1 scoop of D-Ribose once to three times a day. 10.58 oz/ 300 g

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Seeking Health D-Ribose

D-Ribose is an monosaccharide sugar found in all living cells, and plays a critical role in cellular metabolic pathways that generate energy.

D-Ribose supports normal heart muscle function and may also support normal skeletal muscle function during exercise and in people with certain muscular dystrophies or fibromyalgia. D-Ribose may significantly improve muscle pain in some people within days.

Seeking Health D-Ribose is effective in those experiencing:

  • • Fibromyalgia
  • • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • • Post-Workout Soreness
  • • Muscle Fatigue Progression During Workout
  • • Morning Stiffness
  • • General Muscle Pain
  • • General Muscle Stiffness

As a fundamental constituent of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), D-ribose is essential for normal energy production. It is also a component of nucleotides, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). D-ribose is only found in small amounts in the diet.

The body must synthesize D-ribose from glucose. Cardiac muscle is especially vulnerable to conditions that deplete ATP and nucleotide pools. It may take days for ATP levels to be restored after strenuous exercise or ischemia as both cardiac and skeletal muscle have low levels of enzymes needed to convert D-ribose to D-ribose-5-phosphate, the activated form of D-ribose that plays a critical role in regenerating cellular ATP.

D-Ribose administration has been shown to significantly accelerate restoration of heart ATP levels, especially in the setting of inadequate blood flow to the heart muscle and diminished exercise capacity. Pure D-Ribose is supplied in powder form for convenient supplementation of multi-gram amounts found to be beneficial. D-Ribose powder has a natural, slightly sweet taste and mixes readily in water or juice.

Research shows that 5 grams mixed in 8 ounces of water three times a day signicantly improves those suffering from muscle pain.

Suggested Use:

  • • Before workouts, take 1 scoop of Seeking Health D-Ribose and mix in 8 ounces of purified water
  • • After workouts, take another scoop of D-Ribose
  • • If not exercising and experiencing muscle pain, take 1 scoop of D-Ribose in 8 ounces of water three times a day
  • • As your symptoms improve, muscle pain and stiffness reduces, you may try and reduce the amount of D-Ribose you are taking daily
  • • Take at least one scoop of D-Ribose daily to prevent ATP deficiency which triggers cellular death and muscle pain and stiffnes

10.58 oz/ 300 g

About Seeking Health, the company

Dr. Ben Lynch, founder and Chief Medical Officer of Seeking Health, is a naturopathic physician. While majoring in Cell and Molecular biology at the University of Washington, Dr. Ben took a trip through the South Pacific and Southeast Asia that changed his outlook on traditional medicine, and his life.

During this trip, Dr. Ben hiked through the forests, mountains and coasts of Tasmania, worked a cattle ranch in the Outback of Australia, and volunteered with Mother Theresa in Calcutta. He lived in Fiji with a family having no electricity or plumbing, experienced the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India, worked a fruit orchard in New Zealand, and returned to America with an impression of a different form of medicine than he had ever experienced with his mainstream medical education.

This profound experience led Dr. Ben to Bastyr University, and he studied the Mind-Body Connection, Environmental Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Epigenetics.

Dr. Ben saw the huge need for people to obtain foundational nutrients, and Seeking Health was born. Without foundational nutrients, biochemical dysfunction occurs and causes symptoms. Doctor after doctor and person after person do not understand the absolute requirement for our bodies to have the tools to maintain function.

  • • Without water, we die.
  • • Without food, we die.
  • • Without probiotics, we get digestive disorders.
  • • Without multivitamins, we become depressed, fatigued and sick.

“If one supports their bodily systems, especially their digestion and mental health, with pure, highly absorbable, well-formulated nutrients, the ability to remain healthy and vital significantly increases. We want your foundation rock solid and we provide the tools to do so.”

-Dr. Ben Lynch, founder of Seeking Health

Seeking Health believes that the root cause for many health conditions and supplements stem from ineffective digestion, environmental exposures, poor diet, and lack of a healthy social outlet and inlet.

  • • Once digestion is restored and optimized with the best probiotics, digestive enzymes, stomach acid and intestinal repair nutrients, one is able to absorb nutrients from foods and high quality multivitamins.
  • • Once environmental exposures are reduced, one is able to reduce toxic burden which then frees up nutrients to work in promoting health and preventing disease.
  • • Once diet is optimized, nutrients flood in, energy increases, blood sugar stabilizes and the immune system balances.
  • • Creating a social outlet and inlet allows the parasympathetic nervous system to regain control over the reactive sympathetic nervous system, allowing countless nutrients to be used proactively and in a protective manner instead of being wasted on producing stress hormones.

Seeking Health is here to see you get better, and stay better. Their true passion is prevention.

Seeking Health is based in Bellingham, Washington and operated and managed by a team dedicated to bringing you better health through the best quality supplements, prebiotics, probiotics, and multivitamins.

Seeking Health brings you effective formulas produced without preservatives, colors, titanium dioxide, coloring, or gluten. 

Seeking Health D-Ribose Powder, 300g
Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Seeking Health

Item number: SKH022

GTIN: 828054135840

Warnings: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Serving Size: Serving Size 1 Scoop (Approx. 5 grams)

Serving Per Package: 60

Suggested Use: 1 Scoop (approx 5 Grams) once daily. Mix with water or juice and take with or between meals

Refrigeration Required: No

Does Not Contain:
Tree Nuts
Supplement Facts:
Total Carbohydrates5 g2%†
Sugars5 g*
D-Ribose powder5 g
 * = Daily Value Based on a standard 2,000 calorie daily intake
** = Daily Value Not Established

Ingredients: D-ribose

Other Ingredients: None


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  1. Review by Karen
    Posted on 10/16/2012

    I feel better every day. I have to attribute this to D-Ribose, because it was soon after I started taking one scoop per day that my muscle pain subsided.

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