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Seeking Health Enema Instructional Booklet by Dr. Benjamin Lynch, N.D

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Comprehensive Enema Instructional booklet written by Dr. Benjamin Lynch, N.D. Detailed instructions on how to perform a home enema, suggested supportive gastrointestinal healing supplements, suggested lifestyle and dietary tips. Includes assembly and care information for your Seeking Health PurEnema Kit, and enema recipes. 

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Seeking Health Enema Instructional Booklet

Written by Seeking Health Founder,Dr. Benjamin Lynch N. D., The Enema Instructional Booklet is the most detailed and thorough instructional enema booklet available. With easy-to-follow step by step instructions, helpful information, and consultation on how to optimize your colon cleansing experience. 

You will learn :

  • • The importance of Colon Cleansing
  • • When to Colon Cleanse
  • • Common Causes of Constipation
  • • How to Prepare for the Enema
  • • Best Body Positions
  • • Taking in and expelling Enema Solution
  • • Enema Recipes
  • • Supportive Enema Products
  • • Lifestyle and Dietary tips
  • • How to assemble and care for your PurEnema Kit

This powerful natural health tool will educate you on the importance of Colon Cleansing and the proper way to perform a home Enema. 

Enema FAQs

How much to use?
Q: I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and would like to know how much coffee to use for coffee enema and how often to do it.

A: Please listen to this podcast on how to do a coffee enema. It is best to start out with about 2 tablespoons of ground PurEnema Coffee per 1 quart of filtered water.

You can perform the following coffee enema with 3 tablespoons if the first one was well tolerated. If the 3 tablespoon per quart was well-tolerated, you may move up to 4 tablespoons per quart. Coffee enemas are very effective at detoxification so be sure to start low and work up. I would recommend starting with 1 per week and increasing in frequency as you feel better. Be sure to lay on your right side when you perform the coffee enema.

Coffee enema starter kit
Q: I am interested in a starter kit for coffee enemas can you recommend a program for me?

A: Thanks for your question.  You can read all about Dr. Ben’s enema kit here: http://healthygoods.com/purenema-stainless-steel-enema-kit-silcone-tubing.html

Here’s the coffee he recommends for the coffee enema: http://healthygoods.com/natural-personal-care/enema-kits/seeking-health-purenema-organic-coffee-16-oz.html

For more information, consider reading Dr. Ben’s enema instructional booklet: http://healthygoods.com/seeking-health-enema-instructional-booklet.html

Cleaning & Lubrication
Q: I've ordered a couple of these silicone colon tubes as I have to do enemas a couple of times per day everyday as part of my doctor prescribed medical program.  I see you recommend boiling for cleaning, as I don't think that would be practical everyday for cleaning as they'll constantly be in use so I was wondering, would a mild bio-degradable soap and hot tap water be ok to clean with on a daily basis? Also, for lubrication, is petroleum jelly alright or would your recommend something else? Would either of these two products be damaging to the silicone? Thank you!

A: You may use soap and water to clean - absolutely. Boiling is not needed for everyday cleaning. Lubrication - I recommend simply olive oil or coconut oil. Petroleum jelly I do not recommend at all - it is a chemically-based lubricant for machines - not humans. I do not think they will damage the silicone but they are harmful for your health long term.

What if I no longer have a gallbladder?
Q: Will coffee enema cause harm? Thanks.

A: Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) does not contraindicate coffee enemas.  It is safe to do a coffee enema post- cholecystectomy; however I strongly suggest discussing with your health care professional before starting a new detox program after such surgery. Without a gallbladder, you will still receive increased glutathione production and stimulation of bile secretion.  The differences is you will not feel gallbladder spasms and no risk of gallstones blocking the bile ducts.

If your health care provider approves the enema, I recommend the use of the Chia Seeds and Chlorella before and after the Coffee Enema. These two help bind toxic bile which then gets eliminated versus reabsorbed.  You may consider taking these throughout the day - every day- if your gallbladder has been removed.  Take between meals. [Chia Seeds: http://healthygoods.com/optimal-chia-seeds-bulk-1-pound.html]  [Chlorella: http://healthygoods.com/bodybio-chlorella-300-tablets-300mg.html]

For complete information on how to perform a coffee enema, visit Dr. Ben’s link: http://www.seekinghealth.com/blog/coffee-enema-instructions

Coffee Enema & Gallbladder
Q: Will the coffee enema have the same effect via the liver if the gallbladder has been removed?

A: Great question. Yes and no. The similarities: - Increased glutathione production - Stimulation of bile secretion The differences: - No feeling of gallbladder spasms - No risk of gallstones blocking the bile ducts I highly recommend the use of the Chia Seeds and Chlorella before - and after - the Coffee Enema. These two help bind toxic bile which then gets eliminated vs reabsorbed. You may consider taking these throughout the day - every day- if your gallbladder has been removed. Take between meals.
[Chia Seeds: http://healthygoods.com/optimal-chia-seeds-bulk-1-pound.html]  [Chlorella: http://healthygoods.com/bodybio-chlorella-300-tablets-300mg.html]

Enema Tube
Q: Is your tube made to be introduced far in the intestine in order to be able to keep the coffee enema a long time (a quarter of an hour)? If the tube is small it's impossible to do an enema in the correct way. Is the tube made in order not to hurt the intestine?

A: Thank you for your inquiry. You can use the enema tube directly in the colon but it will be this kind: http://healthygoods.com/purenema-silicone-colon-tube.html This one is made for it, it has a big tip. You can put it in up to 8 inches in the colon safely.

Hose Sizing
Q: I have your old stainless steel enema bucket from about a year ago and was wondering if this hose would fit it.  Is it a different bucket than what you have now? Thanks!

A: Yes, the new PurEnema parts will fit the old enema kit bucket. The complete kit has been upgraded from the old kit that you have. The bucket has a new design and all the parts (except for the clamp) are made from medical-grade silicone.

Tubing for Enema Tip
Q: Hi, I recently purchased PurEnema Medical-Grade Silicone Straight Enema Tips and need Medical Grade Silicone Enema tubing to use with it.  Your site does not list inside diameters, so I'm having a tough time finding which tubing will work.  Which tubing can be with this enema tip?  Thanks

A: The enema tips and tubing that we sell work perfectly together. The only thing that differs in the tubing is the length, the diameter is the same.

Recycling Coffee?
Q: Can you make extra coffee and save it in the refrigerator for a couple of days or is it a fresh batch every time? Also is it ok to wash the enema kit in the dishwasher with organic detergent.

A: Absolutely ok to make extra coffee and keep it in the fridge for a couple days - then warm it on the stove - not microwave. You may wash the enema kit in the dishwasher - that is fine.

General Enema Questions
Q: It looks like this is only one piece... Can it be taken apart? How many pieces is it? What is the length and diameter? Does it easily fit a standard hose? Is it see-through (transparent)? How much of it is supposed to be placed in the colon?

A: This is a 1 meter tube made from medical grade silicone. There is an end-cap that is also medical grade silicone that can be removed for cleaning purposes - but it is not necessary. The end cap can be removed and put back in - provided you put it in a safe place and don't lose it ;) The tubing is moderately see through. If using darker fluids, those are easily seen. One may insert the colon tube only a few inches if desired. Diameter I cannot recall off hand but it is 36 Fr. I want to say 5/16" Up to 18 inches may be inserted if you are fully knowledgeable how to insert a colon tube. Directions are included with our PurEnema Kit. Never force a colon tube deeper into the colon. The benefits of the PurEnema Colon Tube are: - medical grade silicone - does not kink - 36 Fr so it is durable - standard opening so connects to nearly all common enema kits - removable end cap - easy to clean: simply rinse and place in boiling water for 5 minutes and allow to air dry - one meter in length allows for multiple uses - lasts for years - non-toxic.

Q: Is it ok to do coffee enema while nursing? Or should I wait until baby is weened?

A: It is ok to do coffee enema if you are breast feeding if:
-You are doing the procedure properly as this prevents the caffeine from being absorbed into your main circulation which would deliver the caffeine to your breast milk.
-Perform the coffee enema in the morning hours
-Make sure you take the chia seeds and chlorella just prior to the coffee enema and again afterwards in order to bind the bile and preventing reabsorption.

If you notice your baby becoming agitated, restless or difficulty sleeping, cease the use and evaluate how you are doing the coffee enemas. Make sure the solution stays low in your sigmoid colon and this is typically done by laying on your right side while performing the coffee enema.

Food Grade Stainless Steel
Q: What grade of stainless steel is your enema bucket?

A: The Stainless Steel 2.5 quart Enema Bucket is made from 304 stainless steel which is not only durable but extremely safe to use. The PurEnema Bucket will last you a lifetime.

Various Enema Concerns
1.) If we want to keep coffee enema solution low in the colon, which position is best?  Left or right?
2.) It is my understanding that there are 2 sphincters through which the nozzle or catheter must pass; the rectal sphincter and another about 4 inches beyond.  Is this anatomically correct?  If so, the short, straight nozzle appears to be too short.  The Gerson book recommends inserting the nozzle or catheter 8-10 inches for coffee enema.  Are any of your expected new nozzles 8-10 long?  
3.) Why doesn't the silicone tubing come with the same end caps as the PVC tubing (it looks like something is missing at both ends.

1.) RIGHT side is best as you do not want the coffee solution to get too high in the colon. If it gets too high - it will be absorbed systemically and not locally. You want local absorption because that delivers the caffeine and palmitic acid directly to your liver.
2.) Yes there are two sphincters. The external one and the internal one. Solution will still pass through the internal sphincter as long as you are relaxed. Gerson does recommend 8" tubing to deliver the coffee enema solution - correct. I agree with this. The current enema catheters that we offer are skinny, made of PVC and kink easily. The ones that are coming in are able to be connected directly to the enema bucket as they are 1 meter long. They also do not kink, made of medical grade silicone and have a nice rounded tip to insert so it is not painful. They are cloudy in appearance so you can still see the solution move through. You can insert this tubing easily 8" or more as desired. There is also the option to connect the 36" colon tube to the 2 meter silicone tubing if it needs to be hung from far away for various reasons. We offer medical grade silicone connectors so the tubing can connect.
3.) I am not sure why the silicone tubing doesn't come with the same stuff as the PVC. This is why we are making our own now - I'm tired of dealing with inferior products and issues.

Colon Resection
Q: I have had a colon resection about 16 inches, is the coffee enema safe. How far is the insertion necessary?

A: The insertion needs to be just into the sigmoid colon which is about 6 to 8 inches in. It is not recommended to go higher than that as this defeats the purpose of the coffee enema. Proceed slowly and cautiously. Never force the enema tubing or enema catheters into your rectum. If you feel resistance, stop, relax, pull the tubing out a little, rotate the tubing about 90 degrees, allow some coffee to flow in, and then try to proceed again. If one keeps the coffee low in the colon, then the caffeine and antioxidants are absorbed via the portal circulation vs systemic circulation. The aim is to get the caffeine and antioxidants from the coffee into the portal circulation which takes the absorbed products directly to the liver. System circulation will take the nutrients and compounds throughout your body. If you feel a huge caffeine rush while doing a coffee enema, you are doing it incorrectly or using too much coffee. Make sure to only insert the tube about 6 inches and then lay on your right side. This keeps the coffee low in the colon. If you lay on your left side, the coffee will run up inside the descending colon causing increased systemic absorption vs portal absorption.

Retention Enema for Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s
Q: Can I use this as an enema instead of taking orally? I found online article that Butyric Acid is more effective if done as enema for Ulcerative Colotis & Crohn's Disease. Thank you.

A: How to do a retention enema for Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's: Enemas can definitely help heal the ascending colon. What I recommend doing is having a bowel movement first and then performing the enema in this manner: 1) Fill the enema bucket with 1 quart of filtered water and a pinch of salt or electrolytes: http://healthygoods.com/bodybio-e-lyte-electrolyte-concentrate-20-fl-oz.html 2) Take a regular enema and flush out as much as you can. 3) Refill the enema bucket with 2 cups of filtered water, a capful of Electrolyte Concentrate, open and empty a couple capsules of Cal/Mag Butyrate, 1 teaspoon of ProBiota 12 Powder and 2 teaspoons of Intestinal Repair Complex and open and empty a capsule of Curcumin 97. Mix well. You can find these all at Healthy Goods by searching their names. 4) Insert the 2 cups of fluid into your rectum while laying on your left side or on all fours - whatever is most comfortable for you. 5) Once the 2 cups of fluid is in your rectum, do the yoga Shoulder stand. You may feel the 2 cups of fluid reach the transverse colon. 6) Come down and out of the Shoulder stand while bringing your legs and torso down onto your right side. Then lay on your right side for some time - as long as you can. If you can lay on a slight incline so the fluid stays down in the ascending colon, this is ideal. 7) The fluid will be hard to get out as it will be all the way in your ascending colon but that is ok. The point is to get the contents there and allow them to heal the area. 8) Do this daily until you feel very well. Do not exceed 2 weeks of doing this daily. If you want to do longer than two weeks, make sure you take a few days rest between. Avoid Wheat, Dairy and processed foods. Make sure to take ProBiota 12 Powder (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) nightly after dinner for one month and then reduce to 1/8th teaspoon after that. Also be sure to take Cal/Mag Butyrate internally as well (3 capsules before breakfast and 3 before bed).


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