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Sunbiotics Original Almonds are a delicious and healthy gourmet snack with the benefits of probiotics. Organic white truffle sea salt elevates these from tasty treats to gourmet fare. Organic, raw, dairy-free and gluten-free. 1.5oz/ 42.5g

51 reviews
  • Sunbiotics truffle almonds

Sunbiotics Truffle Almonds, 1.5 oz

Sunbiotics Original Almonds are a delicious and healthy gourmet snack with the benefits of probiotics. Organic white truffle sea salt elevates these from tasty treats to gourmet fare. Organic, raw, dairy-free and gluten-free. 1.5oz/ 42.5g

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Sunbiotics Truffle Almonds

The original gourmet probiotic snack! Sunbiotics brings you light and crispy sprouted raw almonds enhanced with probiotics for the ultimate guilt free treat. 

Sunbiotic Truffle Almonds are a light and crispy "super snack": naturally gluten free, vegan, and USDA certified organic. Organic White Truffle sea salt brings the earthy, musky flavor that truffle aficionados adore; together with the crunchy, perfect seasoning of sea salt to make this treat a gourmand's dream. 

Sunbiotics' patent pending process begins by sprouting raw, organic almonds and generously coating them in organic truffle sea salt and a potent probiotic blend. Low temperature drying is used to preserve nutrients and probiotic potency, and increase crunchiness.

Raw almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E; a powerful antioxidant that supports heart health and boosts the immune system. Raw almonds are rich in essential fatty acids and dietary fiber. Sprouting the raw almonds neutralizes the natural enzyme inhibitors found in nuts, and encourages the production of beneficial enzymes. 

Adding probiotics to these raw, sprouted organic almonds takes them from a tasty wholesome snack and elevates them to a medicinal nutritional powerhouse. Probiotics help with the digestion and assimilation of those essential enzymes, support vitamin production, and keep the immune system properly functioning. 

Sunbiotic products are free from soy, dairy, wheat, eggs, maltodextrin, corn, carriers; are non-GMO, and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. 

1.5 oz / 42.5g

About Sunbiotics, the company

Sunbiotics Gourmet Probiotic Snacks are a delicious way to combine healthy snacks with the health benefits of probiotics. Sunbiotics knows that probiotics play a major role in everything from nutrient manufacturing and absorption to maintaing a healthy and robust immune system.

With the benefits of probiotics being so well documented and constantly researched, it was an easy decision for Sunbiotics to bring them to you in the form of healthy and tasty snacks. From probiotic chocolate bars to mouthwatering raw, sprouted organic almonds in a variety of scrumptious flavors; Sunbiotics snacks are nutritious and delicious.

Why Add Probiotics?

These healthy microorganisms in our digestive systems vastly aid in our absorption of calories and nutrients, preventing us from becoming severely malnourished; they break down nutrients and then carry them into our blood stream. Probiotics also produce essential vitamins that we then absorb, such as vitamin K, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Most probiotic supplements are found in a pill or capsule form. Only Sunbiotics brings you these vital microorganisms in a tasty snack!

Sunbiotics snacks are ideal for grab and go nutrition, can be added to your own delightful dishes, and best of all- supply a generous amount of your daily dose of probiotics. 

Sunbiotics snacks are raw, organic, dairy-free, and gluten-free. 

Probiotics and Your Health
Sunbiotics Truffle Almonds, 1.5 oz
Product Certifications:
USDA Organic
Manufacturer: Sunbiotics

Item number: RAW011

GTIN: 877963009582

Warnings: Contains almonds

Package Size: 1.5 oz

Serving Size: 1 oz

Serving Per Package: 1.5

Refrigeration Required: No

Does Not Contain:
Supplement Facts:
Calories 167
Calories from Fat 124
Total Fat 15g 23%
Saturated Fat 1g 6%
Sodium 95mg 4%
Cholesterol 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 5g 2%
Dietary Fiber 3g 13%
Sugars 1g
Protein 6g
Calcium 7%
 * = Daily Value Based on a standard 2,000 calorie daily intake
** = Daily Value Not Established

Ingredients: Certified organic Sprouted Raw Almonds, Certified Organic White Truffle Sea Salt, Probiotic Blend of L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, B. longum


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    "Tasty & healthy"
  1. Review by Anita L.
    Posted on 8/14/2017

    These almonds taste very good. They are pricey for the small amount however.

  2. Sunbiotics Truffle Almonds, 1.5 oz 5
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