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Synergy Company Beet Juice Powder, 6.35 oz

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Synergy Company Beet Juice Powder is a sweet and smooth freeze dried powder that has captured the flavor and nutritional benefits of organic beets, freshly harvested and immediately juiced. This beautiful, vibrant magenta powder is a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the benefts of the beet. 6.35 oz/ 180 g

Product Details

Synergy Company Beet Juice Powder

Synergy Beet Juice Powder is a vibrant and smooth tasting beet juice freeze dried to preserve the delicious flavor and nutritional benefits of freshly harvested organic beets. A pure juice powder with no added fillers or fibers, Beet Juice Powder packs a nutritional punch with unique antioxidants, vitamins and powerful phytonutrients. The beets used in Synergy Beet Juice Powder are a very special old world heirloom variety grown for their uniquely delicious taste and exceptional phytonutrient profile. It takes 15 pounds of these heirloom beets to make one pound of Synergy Beet Juice Powder. 

From the Fields to Your Glass

Just after being harvested from organic farmlands, beets are cold washed and juiced to capture all of the nutrient goodness. A cold-press juicing process protects the nutrients and makes the beet juice easy to digest and absorb. A low temperature drying process results in a powder that is nothing but pure juice in a powdered form. Beet juice powder easily rehydrates in a glass of water, or added to juice or smoothie recipes. Beet Juice Powder is pure nutrition, easy and convenient to enjoy. 

Benefits of Beet Juice

The red-violet pigments in beets are not only beautiful, they are actually a unique and highly valuable form of antioxidant called betacyanins, widely studied for their ability to promote optimal health by supporting healthy detoxification and managing inflammation responses. Beets also contain a 100% natural form of betaine, a key body nutrient, along with potassium, vitamin C, iron and other vitamins and minerals. A recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that beet juice consumption increased stamina and exercise tolerance.

Betacyanins are phytochemicals responsible for the deep red hue of beets, including betanin. Betanin is being studied for its possible cytotoxic effect on cancer cells. Betacyanins antioxidant properties are potent free radical scavengers, have neuroprotective properties, and may even improve digestion. 

Folic Acid is an essential nutrient that prevents against certain types of birth defects, and may prevent some forms of cancer and heart disease. Beets are a rich and abundant natural source of folic acid. 

How to Use Synergy Beet Juice Powder

Suggested Serving Size: Mix one and a half teaspoons into 4-6 oz filtered water or your favorite juice. More or less may be used depending on your taste buds and personal preferences.

Synergy Company Beet Juice Powder



























6.35 oz/ 180 grams in an amber glass bottle

Synergy Juice Powders

These fresh and alive powders are like nothing you’ve ever seen or tasted before. Smooth, fresh flavors literally melt in your mouth. Vibrant colors reflect the nutritional richness captured inside. This versatile collection of pure and simple nutrient-dense powders is certified organic and backed by the Synergy reputation for perfected quality and vitality—and of course is inspired by Synergy's obsession to capture the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer in order to positively affect the wellness of our world community.

What Sets Synergy Organic Powders Apart?

First and foremost, Synergy is 100% involved in every aspect—from seed to soil, to harvesting, processing, and bottling everything at their very own sustainable, award-winning, certified organic facility.

Certified Organic

Synergy powders are USDA certified organic by third-party certifier, Oregon Tilth. "Certified Organic" means the item has been grown according to strict USDA uniform standards, which are verified by independent state and/or private organizations and revolve around the use of sustainable management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.

Pure Juice Powder

With Synergy juice powders, a little goes a long way owing to their highly concentrated nature. Syenrgy goes the extra mile to cold-press into juice many of their ingredients before carefully cold-drying them into their powdered form. Delivering only juice both amplifies the nutrient density and enhances the bioavailability.

No Fillers, No Extras

Synergy does not add or water down their products with fillers, chemicals, sweeteners, or carriers. Take a look at some of the other products out there and you will see such things as maltodextrin, fibers, rice powder, flavors, etc. These are used to “pad” the products, greatly diminishing their value. Not so with Pure Synergy Organics—pure and simple all the way!

Cold Processed

The key to preserving the life force and nutritional benefits of a fresh ingredient is to use the perfect drying and processing method. Synergy founder’s original years of research in the 1970s at UCLA Medical Center were dedicated to this very pursuit. As such, they use a variety of exclusive, low temperature, oxygen- free/light-free drying methods that best suits each veggie, fruit, grass, herb, flower, algae, spice or whatever it may be to ensure the finest possible finished product. They also cold-mill all of their ingredients into powder form, which further protects their precious cargo. This is in sharp contrast to the much cheaper and nutrient destructive processes like high heat spray drying, infrared, radiant, microwave, and drum drying utilized by most companies. These other high heat and oxidizing methods literally “blast” out most of the important goodies within and leave the finished product void of vibrant color, void of fresh taste, and void of nutritional potency.

Packaged in Amber Glass

Once the ingredients are cold-processed into powder form, the next challenge is to keep their preserved “life” intact through proper and safe packaging and storage. This is an imperative step that most other companies let fall by the wayside. These ingredients are hermetically sealed without oxygen in light-impermeable amber glass bottles to ensure that the phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fresh taste are preserved. This also has the added benefit to you and the environment by keeping your “food” away from the detriments of plastic.

Synergy powders are certifed Kosher, Gluten Free, and GMO free. 

About The Synergy Company

For over 35 years,The Synergy Company has created organic supplements for lifelong wellness. Founder and chairman Mitchell May created The Synergy Company based on his research into the healing potential of life force, energy fields, and energetic nutrition. 

After a near-fatal car crash, Mitchell May was told he would never walk again. He made medical history, however, by regenerating nerve, bone, muscle and organ tissue - fully healing his body. As Mitchell underwent his extensive and extraordinary healing journey, he began to learn the art and spirit of non-traditional healing. His research led him to the development of The Synergy Company, and their flagship product, Pure Synergy. 

All of Synergy’s formulas are carefully researched, designed, produced and overseen by Mitchell May at his award-winning, wind powered, state-of-the-art certified organic production facility in the awe-inspiring location of Moab, Utah. Here, nestled between ancient red rock formations, snow capped mountains, colorful canyons, two national parks, and the blue waters of the Colorado river, The Synergy Company has created their own customized facility, and has dedicated over 3,000 certified organic acres to cultivate their exclusive ingredients. 

The Synergy Company Logo

From the heirloom seeds of their plantings to the oxygen impermeable seals on their bottles, The Synergy Company views every component and each step of production as a part of a unified, whole process. The Synergy Company goes to great lengths to exercise complete and caring control over the entire process of developing their organic, whole food ingredient, health-supporting nutrients. 

The Synergy Company’s logo is a superb illustration of the essence of synergy: a state of being in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The delicate interconnectedness of the enlarged reproduction of a microscopic 3.5 billion-year-old algae fossil  is the perfect representation of the vision and purpose of The Synergy

“The Synergy Company is founded on the premise that good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with good business.”- Mitchell May, Founder & Chairman, The Synergy Company

The Synergy Company views sustainability as a twofold discipline that combines a relationship-oriented business culture with a commitment to finding the most eco-friendly way of conducting business. This commitment has led the state of Utah to recognize The Synergy Company for “Excellence in Manufacturing for Environmental Consciousness”- twice. Synergy is an EPA Top Partner for green power use, and the prestigious Nutrition Business Journal has honored Synergy with both “The Organic Excellence Award” and the “Environment and Sustainability Award”. 


Label Information


Package size
6.35 oz/ 180 g
Serving size
1 1/2 teaspoons/ 3g
Servings per package
about 60
Botanical name
B. vulgaris
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Synergy Company
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