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Synergy Company Organic Multi Vita-min, Two a Day, 60 count

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Synergy Company Organic Multi Vita-min is designed for adults of all ages looking for a complete and balanced blend of essential nutrients from organic whole-foods. Just two a day delivers vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes, flavonoids, proteins and co-factors for a perfectly complete nuturient package to support optimal health and vibrant well-being. 60 veg tabs

Product Details

Synergy Company Organic Multi Vita-Min, Two a Day 

Just two tablets a day of Synergy's Organic Multi Vita-Min delivers 200 % of your RDA of vitamins, 100% of your RDA for minerals, and an assortment of natural enzymes, flavonoids, proteins, and vital cofactors; grown as organic whole foods for optimal wellness for adults of all ages. 

Organically Grown Nutrients

Synergy Company grows organic nutrients: vitamins and minerals grown organically as whole foods, not manufactured as a synthetic isolate in a lab. 

As plants grow, they draw up a comprehensive array of micronutrients from the soil into their roots, stems, and leaves. Water, air, and sunlight help the plants grow into a complex plant containing all of the essential proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed to support life. This is how our bodies want to receive vital nutrients, from a natural source. 

Our standard diets are deficient in these basic, vital nutrients that we used to obtain through food alone. Many inferior vitamins, however, are synthetic isolates, and can cause uncomfortable reactions in some people who are sensitive to chemical additives. Because Synergy uses organically grown nutrients, grown in accordance with organic certification standards at every step along the way, they are able to deliver pure and potent nutrition in a form easily recognized and utilized by the body.

Naturally occurring fruit enzymes from green papayas and pineapples and organically compatible probiotics (added in a traditional culturing process) are added to the organic nutrients to ensure that each Synergy Company Vitamin is balanced, gentle to digest, and easily assimilated by the body. It takes a full six months to grow each of the very special organic nutrients that go into Synergy's Organic Multi Vita-Min. 

Organic Multi Vita-Min, Two a Day Benefits

Synergy's Organic Multi Vita-Min is designed to work with your body's natural ability to regenerate your health and well-being. When you feed your body the whole food nutrients it needs, your body can experience true health and vitality. 

• Pure, Whole Food Nutrients

• Easily absorbed and utilized by the body

• Thirteen essential vitamins plus seven core minerals 

• Natural enzymes and probiotics included

• Naturally occurring plant-based flavonoids

• Made following strict organic standards

• Free of additives

• Non-GMO

• 100% Pure and Natural

• Gluten-Free

• Dairy-Free

• Cost Effective Formula

Just two tablets daily of Synergy Organic Multi Vita-Min will provide you with 200% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 13 essential vitamins to help you build a foundation of health. Want to know a secret? Only one a day will provide you with 100% of your vitamin RDA. Take one a day or two a day, the choice is yours.

• If restoring health is your priority, take two daily to nourish your body to its full nutritional potential. 

• If cost effectiveness is what you are looking for in a quality multi-vitamin, then just take one daily- you will have a two month supply of health promoting nutrients for less than $12.50 a month! 

60 Vegetable Tablets

Label Information


Other Ingredients
Organic barley grass; organic gum acacia; vegetable cellulose (tablet coating)
Suggested use
Two tablets per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Can be taken with or without meals.
Package size
60 vegetable tablets
Serving size
2 tablets
Servings per package
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Synergy Company
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