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Synergy Company's Organic Super B-Complex, 60 ct

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Synergy Company Organic Super B-Complex combats everyday mental, emotional and physical stress, which heightens your daily requirement for the essential B vitamins. Over time, sub-optimal levels may lead to diminishing health and vitality, leaving you feeling fatigued and irritable. Plus, B vitamins are necessary for metabolizing our food into cellular energy, maintaining proper neurological function, creating red blood cells, and more. Includes all 8 of the B vitamins plus their essential co-factors choline, inositol and PABA. 60 tablets per bottle.

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Synergy Company Organic Super B-Complex

Where would we be, without our B’s? Essential for combating daily stress, Organic Super B-Complex features a perfectly balanced blend of organic, whole food B vitamins and co-factors just as nature intended.

Everyday mental, emotional and physical stress heightens your daily requirement for the essential B vitamins. Over time, sub-optimal levels may lead to nagging symptoms and diminishing health and vitality, leaving you feeling fatigued, stressed and irritable. What’s more, B vitamins are necessary for metabolizing our food into cellular energy, maintaining proper neurological function, creating red blood cells, and more. Complete with the ideal amounts of all 8 of the B vitamins plus their essential co-factors choline, inositol and PABA, our power-packed B-complex formula offers a host of benefits for anyone looking to manage the stress of everyday life and supercharge their health.

Organically Grown Nutrients: A Genuine Alternative to Synthetics 

Unfortunately, most vitamins in the marketplace are made with nothing but cheap, ineffective and unbalanced synthetic “isolates” and a load of chemical additives—more like junk food than health food.

Exclusively grown as organic whole foods, our vitamins and minerals are not isolated, synthesized or adulterated with harmful chemicals. Instead, they co-exist with all their natural synergists, allowing your body to harness their full potential. Plus, Synergy's nutrients are grown in accordance with organic certification standards every single step along the way. 

Advantages of Synergy's Organic Super B-Complex

B vitamins are water-soluble and need frequent replenishment: Synergy's Organic Super B-Complex’s food matrix form releases nutrients slowly.

The advantage of an organic food-based nutrient is especially profound with water-soluble vitamins like those of the B family since they cannot be stored by the body and need to be replenished frequently. In contrast to a vitamin isolate that is released rapidly and literally flushes through your system in a couple of hours, Organic Super-B Complex slowly releases its powerhouse of vitamins, providing dynamic energy, stress relief, and other key benefits throughout the entire day.

B vitamins are most effective when all 8 are taken together: Synergy's Organic Super B-Complex is perfectly balanced and complete.

There is a natural synergy that exists between the eight discrete vitamins that make up the B family. Just as a symphony orchestra’s full potential is realized when the complementary sounds of woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion are played in harmony, so too the body reaps optimal reward when the B vitamins are supplemented all together as a “symphony” of nutrients in their proper ratios. Organic Super B-Complex includes all eight B vitamins in the amounts that research has shown to be most effective.

Certain co-factors should always accompany B vitamins: Synergy's Organic Super B-Complex includes these: choline, inositol and PABA.

An orchestra also requires backstage support for a full-fledged production; similarly, the B vitamins depend on “behind the scenes” co-factors to fully deliver their benefits. Science has identified several vital co-factors that provide essential support to the B vitamins: choline, inositol and PABA. Organic Super B-Complex contains all three in Synergy's proprietary food-matrix form.

Raw, vegan, USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, GMO-free.

60 tablets per bottle; suggested serving is 1 tablet per day. 

The Synergy Company: Growing Vitamins and Minerals Organically

Our bodies were designed to naturally thrive on vitamins and minerals from living, whole foods. That is the essence of The Synergy Company's Organically Grown Nutrients: vitamins and minerals that are "grown" as a whole food, and not manufactured in a lab. Synergy Company grows their vitamins and minerals according to the protocols for certified organic foods, so you can be assured that you are feeding your body wtih complete, pure nutrients- never chemicals or additives. 

The process of growing organic vitamins and minerals takes time, commitment, and devotion. Synergy Company considers this process to be a finely honed "craft", on par with making a very fine cheese or wine. It combines an old-world, artisan ethos with the best of modern food science.

Step 1: Growing the Nutrients

Out of an abundance of certified organic vegetables, fruits, sprouts, grasses, and much more, Synergy creates an intensely nutritious broth ideally suited for growing each unique vitamins and minerals. Once the “soup” is just right, they add by hand the “secret,” certified organic ingredient: an amazing, ancient micro-plant capable of bio-transforming all of the nutrients into one of the most dynamic, nourishing foods ever created.

Step 2: Peak Harvesting

Once the micro-plant has used its natural intelligence to transform and absorb the optimal amount of each nutrient, Synergy adds to the “matrix” two very special natural fruit enzymes exclusively from green papayas and pineapples. This helps to both further transform the nutrients and gently stop the growing process, allowing a harvest of the perfectly balanced nutrient matrix.

Step 3: Probiotic Culturing

Lastly, Synergy cultures the nutrient matrix with organically compatible probiotics so that your body can more easily absorb and digest all the abundant health-supporting elements of their certified organic vitamins and minerals.

About The Synergy Company

For over 35 years,The Synergy Company has created organic supplements for lifelong wellness. Founder and chairman Mitchell May created The Synergy Company based on his research into the healing potential of life force, energy fields, and energetic nutrition. 

After a near-fatal car crash, Mitchell May was told he would never walk again. He made medical history, however, by regenerating nerve, bone, muscle and organ tissue - fully healing his body. As Mitchell underwent his extensive and extraordinary healing journey, he began to learn the art and spirit of non-traditional healing. His research led him to the development of The Synergy Company, and their flagship product, Pure Synergy. 

All of Synergy’s formulas are carefully researched, designed, produced and overseen by Mitchell May at his award-winning, wind powered, state-of-the-art certified organic production facility in the awe-inspiring location of Moab, Utah. Here, nestled between ancient red rock formations, snow capped mountains, colorful canyons, two national parks, and the blue waters of the Colorado river, The Synergy Company has created their own customized facility, and has dedicated over 3,000 certified organic acres to cultivate their exclusive ingredients. 

The Synergy Company Logo

From the heirloom seeds of their plantings to the oxygen impermeable seals on their bottles, The Synergy Company views every component and each step of production as a part of a unified, whole process. The Synergy Company goes to great lengths to exercise complete and caring control over the entire process of developing their organic, whole food ingredient, health-supporting nutrients. 

The Synergy Company’s logo is a superb illustration of the essence of synergy: a state of being in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The delicate interconnectedness of the enlarged reproduction of a microscopic 3.5 billion-year-old algae fossil  is the perfect representation of the vision and purpose of The Synergy Company.

“The Synergy Company is founded on the premise that good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with good business.”- Mitchell May, Founder & Chairman, The Synergy Company

The Synergy Company views sustainability as a twofold discipline that combines a relationship-oriented business culture with a commitment to finding the most eco-friendly way of conducting business. This commitment has led the state of Utah to recognize The Synergy Company for “Excellence in Manufacturing for Environmental Consciousness”- twice. Synergy is an EPA Top Partner for green power use, and has the prestigious Nutrition Business Journal has honored Synergy with both “The Organic Excellence Award” and the “Environment and Sustainability Award”. 

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