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Travelrest Pillow, Red is an inflatable travel pillow that is easy to inflate or deflate, and gives your head and neck that much-needed support and comfort while you're traveling. Measures 2" x 9" rolled up, weighs 7 oz and comes in 3 colors: Red, Grey and Blue.

51 reviews
  • TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow, red

TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow, Red

Travelrest Pillow, Red is an inflatable travel pillow that is easy to inflate or deflate, and gives your head and neck that much-needed support and comfort while you're traveling. Measures 2" x 9" rolled up, weighs 7 oz and comes in 3 colors: Red, Grey and Blue.

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TravelRest Inflatable Pillow, Red

TravelRest Pillow has literally stretched the concept of an inflatable travel pillow with its patented ergonomic shape and tethered design. Attaching to any seat back, this inflatable travel pillow nestles against your head and neck providing unparalleled support and comfort while in flight or on the road. Tethering to your seat back offers the most support for long journeys, red eye flights, hangovers, etc. Wearing it "Freestyle" holds your pillow up close were you need it with added mobility. Freestyle also gives you support to snooze in any low back chair. It's great for those long waits at the airport or train terminal, doctor's office or a traffic school lecture. Or just cuddle it with your arms. Not only is this comfortable, but it creates a privacy barrier that kills unwanted conversations with the person next to you who won't stop telling you their life story!

 The Slump Factor is Addressed by TravelRest Pillow
No other inflatable travel pillow addresses the "slump factor" better than ours. Sure, you may hold your head upright with some of our competitor's travel pillows, but only TravelRest Pillow supports your whole upper body while you sleep. Now you don't have to scramble to get the window seat to keep you from slumping. With a TravelRest pillow you'll get that "lean against" kind of support in any seat. Now you can rest with the confidence you're not slumping over into the stranger sitting next to you.
More uses for the Inflatable TravelRest Pillow
Great for kids and road trips. Just loop the tether cord over your cars headrest and attach the SnapFlap to the lap belt. (Your kids will sleep longer too!)
Go Freestyle! Flight delayed? No place to stretch out and get comfortable? Inflate the TravelRest Pillow firmly and attach the tether cord to the SnapFlap at the bottom of TravelRest, slip the cord over your head and shoulder like a messenger bag and you're resting freestyle!
* WARNING: Never place cord around neck of any person. Possible choking hazard. Do not use as a flotation device. Do not leave small children unattended.

Features of TravelRest Pillow:

  • Inflates in as little as two breaths, deflates in seconds. Our inflatable travel pillow is big on comfort but easy on your lungs. With just a few puffs your TravelRest comes to life thanks to our unique, tapered design that only puts air where you need it for support.
  • Attaches to any high back seat - won't slip away.
  • Patented shape fits everyone, big or small, young or not-so young. The size and shape are the secret to the most comfortable sleep experience you can get while sitting.
  • Does not need to be inflated all the way - you need only to inflate your TravelRest Pillow to your desired level of firmness. The firmness will change due to cabin pressure and altitude.
  • Great for kids and adults in cars - attaches to headrest.
  • Works in planes, trains, buses, automobiles, airport terminals, wheelchairs.
  • Rolls up small and attaches to roller bags for easy access.
  • Wash in mild soap and water, air dry
  • Dimensions when rolled up - 2" diameter and 9" long (about the size of a burrito).
TravelRest Testimonials:
“This is much better than any other inflatable travel pillow I've used; the flight attendants on my last flight wanted mine!”  Lisa J
"This is the real deal! The best and only travel pillow that works! I use to travel for business 3 weeks of every month....so I have tried them all.” David M.
"I recently had the pleasure of obtaining and using one of your Travelrest units and now that I have had a couple of weeks to explore its use I would like to congratulate you on your fine product. I travel with considerable frequency and am also a wheechair user. Because of medical complications, it is necessary for me to provide proper neck support when sitting and sleeping and for this reason I have explored numerous products somewhat similar to yours. However, have found the Travelrest to be superior in every way. The Travelrest provides excellent comfort and support for my neck and shoulders when traveling, waiting for appointments and so forth. It is easy to install and change position as needed. The soft covering is quite comfortable and I particularly appreciate its compactness and ease of transport when deflated. ( I simply attach the unit to my wheelchair arm when not in use). I hope that you will make hospitals and rehab units aware of your product as I feel it can be of real use to persons with disabilities, as well as the general populace. Thank you for your fine product." Dr. Karen Mann
Instructions - Three Ways to Use Your Travelrest Pillow
  1. Wear It - Loop unknotted end of cord around bottom flap. Snap the flap closed. Place the TravelRest Pillow cord over the head and shoulder like a guitar. Pull knotted end of cord until pillow is snug against body. Rest one or both arms between your body and the pillow to stabilize and give your arms a nice resting place.
  2. Tether It - Loop unknotted end of cord around seatback. Pull knotted end of cord tight. Position top of pillow in center of seat. Snuggle across body or down side.
  3. Attach to Headrest in Car - Loop unknotted end over headrest. Tighten cord close to headrest. Pull knotted end to tighten cord. Snap bottom flap around seat belt (Optional). Snuggle across body or down side.
TravelRest Dimensions: 2" x 9" rolled up.
Weight: 7 ounces. 

About TravelRest, the company

Travelers around the country agree, no one makes a journey more comfortable or more enjoyable then TravelRest. Known for their Travel Pillow, TravelRest is dedicated to bringing you unparalleled comfort and support while in flight or on the road.

Customers like you rave their TravelRest Travel Pillows: “I log more than 100,000 miles a year on long haul international flights, seldom with the luxury of business class.  I’ve used the neck collars of all kinds, but this gem of an invention is really the best thing for sleeping on airplanes…It rolls up very small, is easy to inflate and deflate, and is extremely comfortable. Can’t recommend it enough.” – C. Shuster, USA

The Press enthusiastically recommends TravelRest Travel Pillows:

"Best travel pillow..." "two thumbs up" - San Francisco Examiner

"Just begs you to snuggle up and take a nap..."- USA Today

 "Size-wise or price-wise, small is beautiful..." "offers a different approach to airborne slumber" - MSNBC 

 "Much more comfortable than those horseshoe pillows"- People Magazine


TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow
TravelRest Inflatable Travel Pillow, Red
Manufacturer: Discontinued

Item number: HIG003

GTIN: 94922377005

Refrigeration Required: No


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  1. Review by Margie
    Posted on 10/16/2012

    This is a comfortable, soft travel pillow. I found the instruction video on the Travelrest website to be very helpful in getting the most out of it. The "messenger bag" technique is most comfortable in my opinion. Here is the video:

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