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BioGenesis Tri-Zinc, 90 ct

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BioGenesis Tri-Zinc provides zinc in a unique, tri-amino acid mineral transport system. Zinc is used in the body to support immune, skin, prostate, and neural cellular health. This formula also includes digestive enzymes, botanicals, and mineral cofactors for enhanced absorption, in addition to zinc in histidinate‚ glycinate‚ and monomethionine forms. 90 capsules

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BioGenesis Nutraceuticals Tri-Zinc, 90 vegetable capsules

Zinc is one of the most critical minerals for your body. It plays a key role in the production of your cells and provides important benefits to your immune system. Zinc may also work in regulating the growth and development of the body‚ supporting cardiovascular health‚ and strengthening your bones. If you are unable to have zinc-rich foods in your diet‚ consider taking a supplement instead. Biogenesis Nutraceuticals’ Tri-Zinc is a healthy vegetarian alternative that provides zinc in three different easily consumable and absorbalbe forms.

This convenient supplement also provides:

  • Betaine HCL‚ which supports digestion by producing stomach acid; it may also support respiratory health
  • Gentian lutea root‚ which produces stomach juices in order to aid your digestive system‚ fight inflammation‚ and relieve fever symptoms
  • Ginger‚ which aids the digestive system by helping stabilize the stomach and reducing inflammation

Each serving of Tri-Zine contains 30mg of zinc, 200% of the minimum recommended daily amount.

90 count capsules

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