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Wholistic Pet Organics Run Free Joint and Hip Support, 8 oz

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Wholistic Pet Organics Run Free provides joint and hip support for your dog with targeted human-grade, ingredients. Support normal cartilage, synovial fluid levels, normal joint function, and normal range of motion with glucosamine, shark cartilage, and MSM. 8 oz

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Wholistic Pet Organics - Run Free Joint and Hip Support for Dogs

A proprietary blend of highly effective, yet all-natural ingredients targeted at maintaining and supporting normal joint function and flexibility, strong cartilage formation and strong bones in dogs of all ages and breeds. The combination of glucosamine and shark cartilage helps maintain healthy bone structure and function while the addition of organic flaxseed, Ester C and MSM provides antioxidants, EFA’s and other factors to help alleviate bone and joint discomfort.

Perfect for both the highly active dog and the older dog!

Wholistic Run Free can provide your pet with long lasting joint support. Wholistic Run Free helps support:

  • • Normal, healthy cartilage
  • • Normal synovial fluid levels
  • • Strong joint matrix
  • • Normal joint function
  • • Normal range of motion
  • • Strong bones
  • • Healthy skin and coat
  • • Provides a natural source of EFAs
  • • Provides high antioxidant levels

The Best for Your Pet: The Wholistic Pet Organics line of products is built on the reputation of using only the highest quality ingredients for your pet. Wholistic Run Free contains only pharmaceutical, USP-standardized, human-grade nutraceuticals that attest to its purity, strength and maximum effectiveness.

Cost Effective:  Wholistic Run Free is cost effective -- an 8 oz. container will last a medium sized dog approximately 6 months!

A Powerful Triple Blend of Nutraceuticals: The key to achieving success with any nutraceutical depends on each ingredient’s purity, strength, and efficacy in combination with one another. Wholistic Run Free uses a proven synergistic blend of MSM, shark cartilage, and glucosamine that has been proven effective in supporting normal joint function.

Glucosamine sulfate is a natural building block of cartilage that may help to prevent cartilage degeneration. Glucosamine also influences production of hyaluronic acid, a main constituent of synovial fluid, the lubricating liquid between joints that allows bones to move smoothly past each other.

Shark Cartilage is a powerful, animal health product that also helps support normal joint function, especially in older pets. Because of its angiogenesis-inhibiting properties, shark cartilage can be a powerful adjunct to helping maintain normal joint function and range of motion. Our shark cartilage is obtained exclusively through legal fishing methods where the shark cartilage itself is processed and harvested for human consumption. Contains no artificial ingredients, additives or fillers.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), a natural source of dietary sulfur, is critical to maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the connective tissue in joints. MSM has been proven to be very effective in supporting joint mobility and function.

Wholistic Run Free is rich in EPA and DHA, natural anti- inflammatories and antioxidants, including Ester C — all of which contribute to unparalleled support for joint health.

Recommended Daily Feeding Guidelines:

Small Breeds (up to 30 lbs).......................1/3 teaspoon

Medium Breeds (31 to 50 lbs)....................1/2 teaspoon

Large Breeds (51 to 75 lbs) ......................... 1 teaspoon

Very Large Breeds (76 to 100 lbs)........ 1 1/2 teaspoons

Giant Breeds (over 100 lbs).................. 1 3/4 teaspoons

Can be given during or after meal time. Administer daily.

For best results, we suggest doubling maintenance dosage for the initial 3 to 4 weeks. Just sprinkle on food.

Contraindications: Do not feed if your pet is pregnant or about to be bred.

Active Ingredients per scoop:

Glucosamine HCL (shell fish)............................. 800 mg

Shark cartilage ................................................... 800 mg

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) .......................... 800 mg

Calcium ascorbate (as Ester C®)........................ 150 mg

Scoop included; 1 scoop = 1 teaspoon

Ester C is a registered trademark, US patent #4,822,816.

Inactive Ingredients: Certified Organic Stabilized Flax Seed.

8 oz. Made in U.S.A.

Store in a cool, dry place. Can be refrigerated or frozen for extended shelflife.

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Other Ingredients
Certified Organic Stabilized Flax Seed
Refrigeration Recommended
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Wholistic Pet Organics
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