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Wholistic Pet Organics Sea Blend Organic Kelp, 16 oz

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Wholistic Pet Organics Sea Blend Organic Kelp is pure, certified organic kelp sourced from nutrient-rich waters close to the Arctic Circle. Sea Kelp is an excellent source of minerals like iodine, which supports proper function of the thyroid gland. Wholistic Sea Blend contains 60 minerals, natural vitamins and health factors. For dogs (and cats, birds, and horses, too!) 16 oz (454g).

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Wholistic Pet Organics - Sea Blend, Organic Kelp for Dogs

The Only 100% Certified Organic Kelp!

Take the first step toward restoring your pet’s health and well-being. Wholistic Pets exclusive blend of certified organic kelp delivers a rich blend of vitamins and minerals to boost your pet’s energy and endurance—using the power of the sea.

Wholistic Sea Blend is a proprietary blend of kelp, which has existed in the earth’s oceans longer than any known form of vegetation. It contains unusually high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, protein and digestive enzymes.

The Purest Essence of the Sea

Wholistic Sea Blend contains a blend of pure, ocean marine algae seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) from the world’s cleanest and richest waters. It is harvested from the unpolluted waters of Iceland, where abundant freshwater meets with the Gulf Stream to create a nutrition-rich site where seaweed thrives. One of the world’s most pristine environments, the area is isolated, sparsely populated, and the environment closely protected.

TUN inspection certifies the organic site of the harvest, as well as the sustainability, cleanliness and integrity of the manufacturing process for our kelp. Hot geothermal water provides the energy for a unique, gentle drying process that ensures the preservation of minerals and bioactive compounds. Seaweed dries over two to three hours, leaving its organic and biologically active substances intact.

Noticeable Results—In Just Weeks

The benefits of giving your pet Wholistic Sea Blend are profound. Most notice a distinct improvement in their pet’s appearance after just a few weeks of feeding.

The most noticeable and immediate difference that you will see after using Wholistic Sea Blend is the beautiful condition of your pet’s skin and coat. Your pet will develop a beautiful sheen, color, and flexibility to his coat, an overall indicator of improved health. Even pigmentation on the nose or eyes that was once dull and weak will deepen to its true color.

Better Health for the Life of Your Pet

Regular use of Wholistic Sea Blend provides support of:

  • • A beautiful, thick, lustrous coat
  • • Deep, true pigmentation
  • • Thyroid gland
  • • Normal body metabolism
  • • Normal circulation
  • • Normal digestion
  • • Decreased nervous energy
  • • Detoxification
  • • Reduced shedding

A Rich Blend of Beneficial Vitamins and Minerals

Wholistic Sea Blend contains 60 minerals, natural vitamins and health factors. It features 21 amino acids, vitamins A, B2, B3, C, D, E, and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, and selenium. Many of the trace minerals contained in Wholistic Sea Blend are necessary for a wide range of enzymes crucial to the body’s proper functioning. Its minerals are in a naturally organic form that is readily available and easily assimilated.

• Wholistic Sea Blend is especially rich in iodine, which is required for proper glandular function and metabolism. Iodine is especially critical for the thyroid gland where it is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, notably T3 and T4. Without sufficient iodine in the diet, the thyroid gland is unable to function properly. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, lethargy, intolerance to cold, weight gain, dry skin, and hair loss.

• Wholistic Sea Blend also contains chlorophyll, which acts as a purifying, anti-inflammatory agent that assists in healing and is also known to help in detoxifying the body by binding with toxins.

• Wholistic Sea Blend is also a great source of additional dietary fiber and calcium.

Wholistic Sea Blend helps to provide energy and endurance, relieve nervous tension, and promote circulation, particularly to the brain,
where it can contribute to better nourishment and to mental clarity. This certified organic, pure sea vegetation has also been used to aid poor digestion, flatulence and constipation, help increase appetite, and to help regulate heat cycles and improve the conception rate in the brood bitch.

Recommended Daily Feeding Guidelines:

Giant Breed Dogs (Over 90 lbs): ............ 1 1/2 teaspoon

Large Dogs (60 to 90 lb):.............................. 1 teaspoon

Small Dogs (Under 60 lbs): ....................... 1/2 teaspoon

Cats: .......................................................... 1/4 teaspoon

Birds: ............................................. 1/8 teaspoon or less

Horses ..................................................................1/2 oz.

16 oz (454g). Made in U.S.A.

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Organic kelp (ascophylum nodosum)
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16 oz. (454g)
Refrigeration Recommended
Use Ice Pack
Wholistic Pet Organics
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