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Hyland's Cell Salts Kit of 12 - 6x 500 Count Tablets

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Hyland's Cell Salts provide homeopathic support in the basic functioning of the cells, promoting normal, healthy water balance, digestion, toxin removal, elasticity of the cells, oxygenation, nutrition, and sodium/potassium balance.   Hyland’s Cell Salts supply the 12 basic mineral or tissue cell salts identified in the body, with 1 bottle of each Cell Salt in 6x potency, 500 tablets. 

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Hyland's Cell Salts 6X Kit of 12- 500 count tabs

The Importance of Cell Salts

  1. Because salts are minerals, they provide the foundation for enzyme activity in the body and serve as catalysts in energy cycles and functions.  

    Hyland’s Cell Salts include the 12 basic tissue cell salts, and support these basic functions:

    The Calcium Cell Salts are important for bone, dental and skin health.

    • Calcium Phosphate promotes the growth and health of the bones.
    • Calcium Fluoride supports bone and skin surfaces.  Some believe it is a safer source of fluoride than supplemental fluoride.
    • Calcium Sulphate supports healthy skin function. 

    The Potassium Cell Salts support healthy mood and nervous system function.

    • Kali Mur promotes healthy immune function and supports normal, healthy inflammatory response.
    • Kali Phosphate promotes healthy energy production, mood and nervous system function. 
    • Kali Sulphate supports the correct the functioning of oils in the body to promote normal, healthy inflammatory response and skin function.

    The 3 Sodium Cell Salts balance fluids and water in the body and support the functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, stomach and digestive system.

    • Natrum Mur helps maintain healthy immune function, a normal inflammatory response and proper fluid balance.
    • Natrum Phosphate promotes healthy digestive function.
    • Natrum Sulphate supports healthy pancreatic function. 
    • Ferrum Phosphate is the oxygenating Cell Salt, providing support for energy production.  
    • Magnesium Phosphate supports muscle and nervous system health.
    • Silicea provides skin and hair support.

    Hyland’s Cell salts are specially formulated in homeopathic microdoses.  Cell Salts are most effective when taken frequently. Taking 8 drops of a Cell Salt two times a day is not as effective as taking 4 drops four times a day. To remain hydrated throughout the day, add a day's supply of Cell Salts to a water bottle. Sip continuously for effectiveness and continual hydration.

    All of Hyland’s Cell Salts are minerals combined within a matrix of lactose (Lactose N.F) or milk sugar. Lactose N.F does not contain any casein, whey, or other milk proteins. Many milk allergies/ sensitivities are due to the protein content, not the sugar portion. The lactose content is relatively small and for most with lactose intolerance, it would take ingesting 25-30 tablets at a time to cause a flare-up. Please check with your physician if you are specifically allergic or sensitive to pure lactose before using these products.

    For a complete overview of Hyland's cell salts, check out our handy Cell Salt Guide.

    Each kit contains one each of the following 12 Cell Salts in a 500 count bottle:

    1. Calc Fluor
    2. Calc Phos
    3. Calc Sulph
    4. Ferrum Phos
    5. Kali Mur
    6. Kali Phos
    7. Kali Sulph
    8. Mag Phos
    9. Natrum Mur
    10. Natrum Phos
    11. Natrum Sulph
    12. Silice

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