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Live Superfoods Raw Wild African Honey, 12.5oz

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The Live Superfoods Wild African Honey is rich and delectable. This dark amber honey is harvested by African farmers from wild bees that collect pollen from the forests of Benin. The bees gather pollen from trees and flowers such as shea, acacia, baobab, mango, cashew, which is what gives this honey its complex flavor.

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Live Superfoods Wild African Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals!

Uses for honey

Honey not only provides tons of nutritional benefits, it also tastes delicious! Live Superfoods Raw Wild African Honey can be used as a sweetener alternative in baked goods, tea, sauces, smoothies and oatmeal! It can also be used in recipes such as Brazil Nut Bread with Honey Butter. (It’s also great just out of the jar!)

Sourced from Africa

The Live Superfoods Raw Wild African Honey is gathered by local farmers in Benin, Africa. By selling their local, wild honey, these farmers are able to make money to buy everyday staples, such as salt and soap. By purchasing this honey, you are helping sustain families in Benin.

About Live Superfoods

Live Superfoods sources the highest quality superfoods, from their native regions across the globe, to provide you with nutrition in its purest form. Based out of Bend, Oregon, Live Superfoods operates in an active, health-inspired community and understands the importance of unaltered, unprocessed, chemical-free and non-GMO foods.

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